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Increase Testosterone levels effectively without the side effects of steroids.

$34.90 | 30 Day supply

We all know that the fastest way to make BIG gains is to Increase Testosterone


The normal Testosterone range for men is 3-8ng/ml.


Steroid users expect levels around 15ng/ml.


Rhino Jack athletes see levels between 11-13ng/ml.

But you risk your health, your relationships, and your reputation doping with illegal and dangerous steroids. So why take the risks?



Chisel Ripped Abs Without Testicular Shrinkage

Build Killer Quads Without Premature Balding

Sculpt A Monster Back Without Adult Acne

Develop Rock Hard Pecs Without Breast Tissue



Rhino Jack will help you achieve the positive results you need without any of the negative consequences

$34.90 | 30 Day supply


I’d been experiencing a bit of a slow down with my gains and hadn’t been sleeping as well as I’d liked so, as someone in the medical field, I decided to get my Testosterone levels checked to see if there was something going on there. I’ve been lifting heavy on a regularly basis for a number of years so I was really surprised to find out my testosterone levels when they came back were only 5.49 ng/ml. I was by no means low, the range considered normal for men is between 3 ng/ml – 8 ng/ml, but I felt that based on my age, strict diet, and workout routine, it should really have been seeing something closer to the high end.

I decided I would set about trying to increase my nature Testosterone levels by tweeking my diet and increasing my heavy compound lifts … and with great results. After 3 months on my improved diet and workout program I had my levels retested and my Testosterone levels came back at 6.04 ng/ml. My doctor tells me is an increase of 10% and much higher than what is to be expected with just diet and exercise changes alone.

Shortly after this time I sustained an injury during a BJJ training session. A simple mistake by my rolling partner resulted in a Rotator Cuff injury that had me taking a trip to the emergency room. Fortunately the injury wasn’t serious enough to warrant surgery but I was out of action training wise and felt totally gutted that I’d lose the progress I’d recently made.

I’d been researching Tongkat Ali online and had found many anecdotal stories of athletes who had great success with enhancing their training by supplementing with a new product called Rhino Jack by Infinite Muscle. I figured I’d give it a try. I purchased Rhino Jack with a healthy amount of skepticism.

Although the stories I had read about were all positive I’d never tried a Testosterone Booster before and, to be honest, I wasn’t sure that they really worked. Given my situation I figured I had nothing to lose. I hoped at the very least the Tongkat Ali would keep my Testosterone levels at an acceptable level and slow down any loses I might experience while I recovered from my injury.

Fast forward seven weeks and I’m back in the gym. Imagine my surprise when, with no training and a more relaxed diet mind you, I return to find my strength was exactly as it was prior to my injury. This required a little more investigation so I scheduled a doctors appointment to have my Testosterone levels checked once again.

Were the claims about Tongkat Ali true? When I received my results back I was shocked to see my Testosterone had shot up to 13.16 ng/ml. 13.16 ng/ml! That’s an increase of over 200%! Now an athlete who is injecting Testosterone would expect levels of around 15 ng/ml, but of course this comes with many potential risks none of which I’m prepared to take.

I’ve continued to take Rhino Jack on a daily basis and I couldn’t be happier with the ongoing results I’m seeing. I’m shredding fat like crazy, my cardiovascular endurance has dramatically increased, and I’m sleeping like a baby. Rhino Jack is the real deal and you can be sure it will continue to be part of my training arsenal.

Tyson Fabbro

Radiographer & BJJ Athlete

$34.90 | 30 Day supply


Increase Testosterone

Boost your Leydig production and elevate existing Testosterone levels

Reduce Body Fat

An increase in muscle and Testosterone allows the body to burn fat more efficiently


Promote Lean Muscle

Assist your body by stimulating the primary hormonal driver for muscle growth

$34.90 | 30 Day supply


The positive results I’ve seen while taking Rhino Jack are better than any I’ve ever experienced before. Will definitely buy again.

Devin Wise

If you want to make some fast gains, taking Rhino Jack is a no brainer. I definitely recommend this product!

Nick Wallace

I’ll cut right to the point: on Rhino Jack I’ve seen big improvements in all my heavy lifts. I’m not usually big on supplements but Rhino Jack I highly recommend.

Billy Lee

I started seeing results after about 10 days, my workouts have become more intense and I feel more ‘jacked’ overall. Awesome product!

Glen Richards

$34.90 | 30 Day supply

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