Optimize Your Body

Known in the East as "The Tree that cures a hundred diseases"

Do you love the challenge of cheating father time?
Shout "F*ck you" to Aging Aches & Pains

Turn back time. 

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought,

"I thought I'd be getting better results by now?"

Your belly says dad bod, and It doesn’t represent your true worth, does it?

You were in good shape once when you were younger. Maybe it's the pressure of work and now your training has slipped.

Or maybe it's your low energy, lack of time, and poor food choices due to busy family life. 

You want to be a better, truer representation of your worth, not something with more rolls than the local bakery.

You don’t wake up excited anymore. 

You’re drifting, and you f*cking know it.

How can I know all this? Because I used to be just like you.

My name is James Howitt. I’m the founder of Infinite Muscle and for the last 5 years, I’ve been biohacking and experimenting with different products looking for the best products to combat the effects of aging.

Now remember, you don't have to be over 40+ to start now. 

Today I'm fit, healthy, & highly motivated. I'm productive in life & business. And I perform better in all areas of my life. But only a little while ago, I was getting fat around the middle, losing muscle, and feeling unmotivated & sh*t.

I thought my diet was healthy but I was still drinking beer regularly & snacking on potato crisps & other processed carbohydrates. I woke up one morning & decided it had to stop. I needed a miracle to get back on track and repair the damage caused by too sedentary a lifestyle. I searched the men's health supplements and wanted something better than the market was offering.

I wanted a premium product that wasn't so full of extra junk it gave me acne of a 20yo. I couldn't find what I needed to get myself back on track.

After months of research, I connected with an alchemist, that ultimately led me to where I am today. I got something better than an average powder or pill - I got powerful liquid extract products that I know work because I created it (& tested it).

I've done the hard work - research, comparison, and went from depressed dad bod to prime stallion in less than  60 days.

What if you could experience your own transformation right now? If it can work for me, it'll work for you too. But first you must escape the “laziness” trap like I did. You must GET UP...

Man The F*ck Up & Get Your Life Back 

Look Better 

Lose the belly fat, increase your confidence, and start to win at life.

Increase your testosterone and you allow your body to burn fat more efficiently.

Stimulate the primary hormonal driver for muscle growth and you assist your body to build more muscle mass.

Feel Better

Stop drifting and start to discover your prime self again.

A decrease in fatigue &  increase in energy means you have more time to optimize and improve your long-term health & vitality.

Perform Better

Don't let aging keep you from finding the stamina of your youth.

Stop being reactive and start being proactive. Take control of your life.

An increase in testosterone means you get to lead in your life and feel invincible again.

Let Me Tell You A Quick Story

4 years ago, In Thailand, I met an older (early 60's) guy who spent 8+ hours every day training muay thai.

He was competing once a month, against western fighters - half his age, and kicking ass, had three kids, one on the way, and still had enough energy to knock back a few Hong Thongs & get up at the crack of dawn the following day to do it all again.

One night he invited me to his home for dinner. I asked him where he got his energy from? I asked how, despite his age, he had the recovery of a guy in his early 20's?

He was preparing a large pot of ginseng bark tea known as Tongkat Ali. He had the entire tree root with him, and was boiling chips from it in his cast iron skillet. He gave me a glass full and said "You take now. Make you less pain & more strong tomorrow." It tasted very bitter. He didn't tell what it was or where had gotten it from, just that  it was simply how he retained his daily strength, satisfied his wife, & recovered fast.

The next morning I was hooked. I trained twice as hard, recovered twice as fast and had a great night with my girlfriend!


Why does it taste bitter?

Yes, we know. It doesn't taste like a chocolate protein shake, or come in 3 x berry flavors.

It's 100% Tongkat Ali: a naturally bitter & potent root extract.

We don’t fill our product with sugar, filler, or any other nasty sh*....

Remember that a sweet taste is a sign of an inferior product.

Suck it up, or add it to your morning beverage, and get on with life. 


What are the side effects? 

Want great results without unwanted risks?

There’s no need to risk your health, your relationships, and your reputation doping with illegal and dangerous steroids.

RhinoJack unlocks the natural testosterone in body which gives you more of what you naturally produce.

  • No testicular (or any other type) shrinkage
  • No premature balding
  • No adult acne
  • No development of breast tissue

    You get all the benefits of a premium product designed specifically to help you get your life back.

    Could we make it taste like chocolate? Probably but we don't want to add toxic substances that would dilute your results. 
  • 3

    When will I see results?

    We designed RhinoJack to give you the most efficient & effective results.

    Some guys get results immediately*.

    Providing you are consistently taking RhinoJack as recommended, and combine with a healthy diet & exercise, noticeable results should occur between 4–6 weeks. 

    *Results vary according to individual body, age, diet, exercise, and other factors.
    Always consult your physician before taking any supplement. 


    Boyce Riess - Dallas, TX

    “You won’t find any other product that gives you the kind of revolutionary results that RhinoJack gives you.”

    Marius Cather - Modesto, CA

    “RhinoJack works. Period. Don't wait and be left behind, you gotta get RhinoJack right now.”

    Glen Richards - St. Louis, MO

    “What a miracle that I discovered this incredible product. If you want to see startling improvement, RhinoJack is a must.”

    Finally Look Fu*ing Amazing Again!

    • Highly Developed  Potent Extraction Process
    • Backed by seriously advanced scientific studies
    • Tastes like piss, works like a thoroughbred racehorse
    • Free of binders, fillers, chemicals and other harmful sh*t
    • Crafted in FDA registered and approved facility
    •  ALC lab tested: Guaranteed standardized extracts 

    "If you think there's something out there better, learn to live with disappointment because there isn't!"

    This review is not about mechanics, its ABOUT the product.

    An earlier review would have been premature until a full cycle of use had been completed. The quality and the results in three specific areas are not matched by any product I have EVER used.

    And this is saying something for a man in his mid fifties that has spent a lifetime dedicated to intense physical exercise.

    1. Increased physical strength and additional energy for extended workout periods.

    2. Incredible muscle definition that was visible even to people who are used to seeing my physique. 

    3. Joint and muscle soreness reversed and flexibility/range of motion to my surprise actually increased.

      If you think there is something out there better, learn to live with disappointment because there isn't!

      Quality products like this one are extremely rare, and always its never by chance but by design a manufacturer with INTEGRITY!


      - Wolf (Amazon Customer)

    365 Day Money Back, No Bullsh*t, Guarantee!

    You are fully protected by our 365 day, No Bullsh*t, money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, for any reason at all, simply contact us up to 365 days after your purchase and our helpful support staff will promptly issue a refund.